Frequently asked questions

Awakinn is an offline space where coders can come under one roof and connect with other coders to learn programming & technological frameworks of their choice by working on industry projects, contributing in open-source, and getting engaged in brainstorming sessions with professionals on all 7 days of the week.
Awakinn is the best place for coders to be at. A proper environment is a perquisite when it comes to learning anything. Awakinn is all about providing a precise coding environment with all the needful resources intact.
Well, we’d be honest here like we have been till now. The education system we are a part of, no longer serves us the way it is supposed to. We say it with utter conviction that the current Educational Model is obsolete and doesn’t empower us in any way.
The recruiting models are changing too. The recruiters seek candidates with a knack of practical knowledge. Basically, they demand people with Experience. And that’s one serious issue as when college students pass-out, they are just fresher and miss out on jobs despite being eligible (possessing a B.Tech degree).
With Awakinn, you have an opportunity to take the ball in your court. Put your four years’ college into use and empower yourself. Pass out as a fresher with experience and grab on worthy jobs with ease.
And if you want to be stuck at the same place and reach nowhere, then Awakinn is not the place to look for.
Indeed, that can be done. If your group study sessions can survive the PUBG fever, you’re good to go.
Jokes apart, the sincerity of group study sessions with friends only takes place during the exams time; and we ourselves are a prey of that.
You can learn anything alone or with friends, but without an apt environment most people lose their consistency, which at times results in the total loss of interest. It is human nature.
The main reason to join Awakinn is working in a motivated and start-up like environment that has proven to be much more efficient than any other kind of learning and working.
Precisely, the same reason you go to gym. Because of the mood it sets you in. Losing consistency in coding means that you'll have to start all over again.
The difference lies in the learning approach. The main prospect of learning is the retention of information, i.e. how much of the material you studied, remains intact in your memory.
According to the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine, the retention rate of Learning by Practice is 75% as that of learning by reading and sitting through lectures is 15% combined.
Awakinn’s model of learning is practical. We provide you projects, you work on them and you learn. It’s as simple as that. No useless theoretical stuff.
Open all 7 days of the week. You can come anytime between 10 AM to 10 PM and will try to extend it further.
Anyone who loves programming and wants to gain practical knowledge of coding can join Awakinn. You get to work on company projects in a corporate environment with like-minded coders and learn efficiently.
Pay via cash in person and net-banking. Soon will be accepting online payments.
Weekend Classes:
Classes on Python, CP, DS, Algorithms, Maths will be on Saturday-Sunday for 5-6 hrs/day and extra classes will be in week days.
We’re not hard on timings. We operate at very flexible hours according to the college schedules, and mostly when students can bunk lectures.
Learning is like getting in a relationship. It’s a two-way process. We want you to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and we’ll be handing the practical side of the same knowledge by providing you with resources like corporate projects, professional & personal guidance, start-up like environment, and interactions with like-minded coders, etc.
Our network of collaboration includes tech companies, start-ups, freelancers and professionals that are willing to share the projects on which you’d be working on.
Scenario todays is changed. Today it is not just about getting a degree. Your skills are equally important. Working on company projects during your college time will provide you experience of real-time working and will automatically highlight you in the eyes of the recruiter. Because then you’ll be passing out as a fresher with experience.
Yes, definitely. Why not? Coding is not subjective. Anyone can be a coder. Coding is damn easy, if learnt from the right source.
Not currently, but definitely will take them if only required. But you can still learn any language or technology by mutually connecting to other coders.
Not charging separately for DS, Algorithms, Python, Python libraries or any other technology. Here you’ll learning by working on projects.
Steve jobs said it many times: everyone should know how to program a computer because it helps to you to think. Basically, programming improves your logical thinking abilities and thus makes you mature enough to solve any kind of problem in any line of work.
Also, we are advancing towards a fully-fletched technical world where everything will be performed via machines and one basic way to understand the machine world is via coding. It’s not a prediction we make, but in the near future, everyone would be obliged to learn coding. So, the earlier you start, the better you perform the task.
Programming in groups can help you learn, efficiently and rapidly.
When you code alone and get stuck, you may google it and try for hours, but sometimes demotivation kicks in when the solution doesn’t surface up.
At Awakinn you can be helped by someone instantly. Yes, we mean it.
Furthermore, if you want to learn any new language, you can learn it from someone who already knows it, or can learn with someone who’s also learning just like you, and apply your learning on projects.
On coding websites, one can maintain their profile and showcase their coding capabilities by cracking different level.
At Awakinn, on a weekly basis we organize internal coding competitions where the coders compete with each other. We explore CP problems during our time at Developer Hub ultimately improving your skills and accentuating your ratings.
Highlighting those ratings on your resume accelerates your chances of landing job interviews at any big tech companies. Moreover, companies will be contacting you after seeing your profile.
We are focused on everything that you want to learn. Currently, we are more focused on most demanding branches of Computer engineering, which by the way are offering the hottest jobs.
You can join again for further 3/6 months to avail the best environment specially during college time as coding needs to be consistent otherwise you'll end up losing all that you know.
Because it’s easy to lose the person when you stop putting effort. You have to sustain the relationship and being consistent is the key. Nothing else works.
Awakinn’s ambiance is such that you’d get consistent without much struggle and when you’re comfortable, your learning curve will increase exponentially.
By gaining right set of skills and coding techniques, not just by leaning but also by working on projects the way they are executed in a company. You should join again to be consistent in your path of achieving what you want
Yes, Awakinn's way of learning focuses on everyone who is learning but weekends classes will be 5-6 hrs fixed.
Yes, you can. Here you can connect with other coders & involve others in your projects and can also learn from each other.
Awakinn is providing a space with environment suitable for coders where they will work together and learn from each other and also provides company projects of the technologies you are interested in. And to kick-start your journey in coding you can opt for Python, DS, Algorithms, Maths classes as well.
All coders should attend programming and technology conferences to stay updated in every sense and connect with coding communities that'll help you in your future endeavours.
Yes, you must. No doubt, C and C++ are our endearing languages and it’s not easy to give upon them. As a matter of fact, C++ is still the priority when solving certain problems.
But as were growing technically, we must adapt and change. Python has a user-friendly syntax that makes it easier to execute and that’s why it is the most growing programming language currently.
Python opens doors for many fields of computer science such as web development, Scraping, Automation, Data Science, Machine learning, Networking, etc.
Then Awakinn's Developer hub is the best place for you to be at. Learning alone will definitely teach you all you want to learn but learning with someone who is working on that language or leaning the same thing can increase your efficiency.