Guaranteed pathway of becoming a job worthy Software Engineer

Utilize your free college time and upskill yourself by our redefined curriculum and professional network.

Your future depends on your skills, not just on your degree.

Awakinn works on your technical & inter-personal skillset and makes you proficient in cracking high-paying jobs.


We provide a growth environment where leaning happens all-day long. You get a learning atmosphere with like-minded people supporting each other at every step of the journey.


A tech-expert knows the value of leaning and gaining experience from the professionals. We empower your journey by connecting with our wide professional network.


With our impeccable professional network, you get to work on real-time industrial projects that will enhance your skillset and mould you into a tech-expert.

Who is Awakinn for?

Awakinn focuses on students who are pursuing graduation or post graduation. Or, just passed the 12th standard.

We realised that the real learning is done in the job not in the college. So, we are here to provide even better learning and experience to the college students which a person gets only after doing the job of at least 3 years.

Some figures and issues which shows that the outdated education system is insufficient for your career.


Graduates able to write correct
code or code with few errors


Graduates not able to write
correct code


Graduates not able to write
compilable code

No practical technical experience

Improper guidance of career path

Inconsistent Learning

Weak at Logic building

Lack of motivation & distractions

Poor Soft skills & Interview skills

The aged curriculum is no more acceptable. We have come up with a refined all-rounder path for your future.

Why wait for 4-6 years of your graduation/PG when you can learn and earn during the college time only. And later, you can get a job as an experienced Software Engineer.

Highly optimised dynamic curriculum.

Learn the core of Software engineering.

Get exposure of the corporate environment.

Enhance your soft-skills and communication.

Enhance your soft-skills and communication.

Get paid by Working on live projects.

Build your professional network with us.

Meet our team of professionals.

Riya Bansal

Riya Bansal

Software Engineer - II
at Microsoft

Anmol Virmani

Anmol Virmani

Data Engineer
at Zomato

Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta

Lead Data Scientist
at Guardian Life

Robin Siwach

Robin Siwach

Software Engineer
at Gemini Solutions

Nitin Bhardwaj

Nitin Bhardwaj

Manager Data Analyst
at Citi

Nalin Sajwan

Nalin Sajwan

Sr Software Engineer
at Till POS

Pulkit Kapoor

Pulkit Kapoor

Software Engineer - III
at ShareChat

With the help of our engineers working in tech-giants, get first-hand access of grabbing opportunities at leading tech ventures.

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